Rue Baby

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby is bold. She is one of the most real celebs around. She’s just like her mother.

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Rue Baby, who resembles Akothee, in a recent Q&A session with her followers on Instagram talked about how she feels about the LGBT community.

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Just the way you are😍😍

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A fan asked her if she supports the LGBT community and she said;

I don’t mind I mean everyone has a story to tell. So I wouldn’t judge their preference. Anyway, they still part of us.

Rue Baby

It’s worth noting that Rue Baby’s runway trainer is transgender Letoya Johnstone and they’re very close.

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Another fan asked the budding model what her mother’s reaction would be if she found out she was gay. Her response was;

‘…she can’t believe it. She always says I prefer male friends to female friends anyday.

Akothee’s daughter also talked about her personal life, saying she doesn’t fake anything.

I don’t live differently so me on camera and in real life is the same person.

Another fan asked her if she likes being famous and she simply said;

I ain’t got a choice though not really. It limits one from doing a lot of things coz blabla the camera is always watching so annoying. Otherwise its kinda amazing too.

Rue Baby

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Akothee and her daughters are very close.