Pastor Migwi

Pastor  Migwi of House of Hope Church in Kayole has called out Wanati family for disrespecting Christianity in their new song Thirsty.

In the raunchy song, the video vixens are skimpily dressed, leaving little to the imagination. Their heads are covered with head wraps won by Catholic sisters and their private parts barely covered as they swing around in outfits showing off their tiny buttocks and nipples.

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The song ignited mixed reactions online and reacting to the song, Pastor Migwi exclusively told,

‘This is out of boundaries and they’re attracting a curse or premature death, you can’t sing a pornographic song wearing pastors’ and church sisters’ gowns!’

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The man of God, who’s also a political analyst at BBC News Swahili Radio said the song should be pulled down from YouTube adding,

As Christians we need a Christian court and Christian judges funded by the government like Kadhis courts for Muslims, to be disciplining anyone who abuses or misuses anything related to the church

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