Old woman preganant
Old woman pregnant. photo credit: ebony magazine

A Kenyan woman has narrated how she unknowingly aborted twins after she got pregnant while in University.

She had aborted more than three times before that.

The woman identified as Martha says the freedom that came with University life led her down the path of ruin.

I grew up in a very protective family so here I was at 17 after finishing my O Levels. Someone asked my dad for my hand in marriage and just like that my dad booked me a ticket to India to go study.

She adds,

There was money, booze and freedom. It was not long before that, when I started having irregular menses so I went to visit a doctor.

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Martha adds that she was shocked to learn that her body was self-terminating the foetus. What she did not know is that that incident would be one among many.

To my shock the doctor told me that my body was self aborting.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement given that I have always wanted kids.

She adds,

I now went deep into partying six months later I was pregnant for the same guy. When I told him he panicked and  convinced me to terminate it. I went to the same doctor and carried out the abortion.

You know how the wise men said, ‘Once bitten twice shy’? Well, that was not the case for Martha. Months later she was pregnant, again.

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Matha narrated,

We went on studying but 6 months later I was pregnant for the same guy. Again. I started developing stomach pains. When I went to the doctor he told me that the pregnancy was not so good thus carrying it to term would put me at a risk, so it was terminated.

She goes on to narrate that due to the harrowing incident she got depressed.

After the third abortion I got into depression, more s#x , more booze, the body does not forget some things, most of my pregnancies were always at 4 months.


2 years later I got pregnant with the same guy. I had purposed to keep this baby until a friend of mine busted my bubble after he went and told the guy. He came back and convinced me to terminate it, to date I still hate the smell of Hospitals.”

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Martha goes on to narrate that she got pregnant for the fifth time, went on to terminate it without knowing she had carried twins.

I met a guy who made me fall for him and within no time I was pregnant again. He started noticing and he panicked because he was there on sponsorship. So the naive me felt pity for him and decided to terminate it. I went to a doctor and the doctor said Ok. In India abortion is legal until three months they do not have an issue.

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However after three months you must have a doctor’s letter. After they started the process.I started experiencing breathing problems and they stopped and took me for an Ultra sound. They found out I was expecting twins. He even asked why I wanted to get rid of such beautiful kids. I told him that I just wanted them out.

She continued, I was in the maternity for three days with excruciating pain, sorrow, pain beyond measure nothing was happening. People were here to give birth yet I was here to get rid of mine.”


At some point I wished I could keep the babies but it was already too late since I had already been induced. In the morning I just prayed to God and told him how sorry I was. I got some strength and went to where the babies had been put. Seeing them hugging each other broke me. I cried so hard. I have never cried so hard in my life. They looked exactly like their dad.

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