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There’s nothing as painful as a woman losing her husband, especially during the prime of their marriage. In most cases, the widows are mistreated and frustrated by their in-laws.

It’s saddening and many sink into depression. Quite a number of widows have used social media to narrate horrifying stories of what they’ve gone through in the hands of their in-laws from hell.

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In a recent interview with The Star, several widows shared moving stories about their in-laws from hell and if you think your hubby’s family loves you to the moon and back, wake up from that dream.

Things will one day take a twist.

Mercy, a mother of one lost her husband of three years through a tragic accident at his working place.

She revealed how her in-laws took everything from her including her only child after burying her husband.

I blame my naivety, I trusted them a lot. I even lived with them. But after my husband’s death, reality dawned on me that I was bound for a rough journey.


This was the last blow. My daughter was the only thing that reminded me of my husband. How I could leave her with them?

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Martha, another widow has also gone through hell in the hands of her in-laws.

She met the love of her life in 2009 and when he introduced her to his family, she said they were warm.

When Francis introduced me to his family, they warmly welcomed me, despite our tribal and cultural differences, and I made an effort to learn their language and traditions.
Later eight years into the marriage they were blessed with four adorable children but in February last year, the hand of death visited their family.

Francis passed away and after the burial is when she got to witness her in-laws’ true colours.

They demanded she hands over documents of properties she owned with her husband. Although she took them to court and court issued injunction orders, Martha said she still doesn’t feel safe.

It has been frustrating. I cannot visit my husband’s grave because I cannot step there. We are now living as bitter enemies just because of properties, which we will all die and leave in this world.

Claire a widow and mother of one lost her husband Mwaniki after being together for two years. He collapsed in his office and died on the spot.

Prior to her hubby’s death, the couple had a minor disagreement over whether they should build a house at the rural home or on land they had bought somewhere else.

Claire, who always confided in her in-laws and even told them about the disagreement and was later accused of killing Mwaniki.

They said I killed my husband so I could inherit the land we had bought. I could not take in the pain of losing a husband and being accused of killing him. It was too much for me,’ she said.

Claire sunk into depression after her in-laws took everything from her.

I only left with my daughter and our clothes. I did not want anything that would connect me with them. It is a year now, they have never bothered to check on how their son’s daughter is faring.

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