A Kenyan woman has come out to reveal shocking revelations on how she was gang-raped by six men.

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The woman, who sought anonymity, narrated how she was kidnapped and taken to a forest, where she was raped for three hours. She says her kidnappers raped her in turns and later left her without stealing anything from her.

Her revelation comes a few days after a video of a street urchin (chokora) raping a woman emerged online.

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Below is the tearjerking story of the woman narrating her horrific ordeal in the hands of rapists.

“I stand with that woman Atty. In December, I was gang-raped by six men. Three of them had guns on them.  Their approach was good and I thought they were people I knew.  But after they got hold of me and led me to a forest they turned to beasts. To an observer, while I was walking with them you would have thought we knew each other but was instructed not talk or else ill die.


In the forest, they tore my clothes up. I tried to resist but they cut my wrists and my neck with a razor They raped, sodomised me and put sticks in me ..I don’t know how I survived, only God knows and when I realized I either cooperate or they kill me.  I did just that I even remember telling them am feeling good They raped me for three good hours Took nothing from me and left. know that woman was doing that to defend herself. Rape hurts and traumatizes.”

Check out comments from Kenyans.

Wambui Munene: I’m so sorry. May God baptize them with madness and confusion, may they never know peace

Annette Wacuka: Oh no, this is terribly heartbreaking. I’m sorry about your(and the lady in question’s) traumatic experience. We forget it could be any of us. Nobody deserves to be raped. May God take care of you.

Collins Abiola: That’s how wicked the world has become

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Wangui Kingori: But Kenyans why watch a fellow Kenyan suffer and do nothing? We are people who face riot police in their full gear and we can’t face street kids?

Judith Oketch: Someone needs to tell me how I wanna start raising my girl in this kind of society .

Kawira Muriungi: Sad, may the rapists never experience peace