Rose Muhando’s album launch went down at the prestigious Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel on February 27, 2021 in Nairobi.

The event was fairly attended and only a handful of Kenyan celebrities were present. Among those who graced the event include Betty Bayo, veteran radio presenter Joyce Gituro, Pastor James Wanjohi, comedian Smart Joker, just to mention but a few. Mzazi Willy M Tuva and Selly Kadot Amutabi were the MCs of the event.

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Dressed in a combat jacket, trouser, boots and hat, Muhando gave an electrifying performance.

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Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando before she went on stage during her 50k album launch
Rose Muhando and Mzazi Tuva
Rose Muhando and Mzazi Tuva

Rose Muhando

Radio presenter Joyce Gituro, who was among the guests, wasn’t happy with the attendance and speaking in an interview with Mzazi Tuva, he said,

‘I came here to support Rose because I know she has a testimony. She has come a long way. When everybody had given up on her, friends ran away only God stood with her. She’s back on her feet and we will support her.’

She continued,

‘I’m not happy with Kenyan artistes especially those in the gospel industry. They have let Rose down.Whether the entrance fee was 50k or whatever amount, I didn’t see them support her. There are artistes I was looking forward to seeing at the event but they didn’t show up. Even though the even was 50k and yu only had Ksh5,000 and was willing to attend, no one would have stopped you.’

The outspoken media personality went ahead to call out the gospel artistes.

‘Also, no one asked for the entrance fee to be reduced so that they could attend. They just hated and bad-mouthed the event on social media. They have really let Muhando down especially those she did collabos with. I didn’t see them I feel like they could have come and given the little they had then leave,’ she said.

The money raised from the event will be used to build her church.

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