She is a stunning beauty and passionate at her job o screen and off.

Joy Doreen Biira has opened up about her roller coaster life after she was arrested in Uganda on the day of her traditional wedding, the drama of her car being stolen and expecting their baby number two with hubby, Newton Kungu.

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Joy Doreen will be welcoming her baby number two early next year. The new born will join Ty who turns three this December.

speaking exclusively to True Love Magazine, the screen siren confirmed the news.

“I am actually three  weeks pregnant. I cannot believe that it’s actually happening. I’ve always wanted two babies and I guess this is God’s answer to it. Though I remember how bad my labour pains were and that’s the anxious bit,” Joy Doreen said.

Joy Doreen reminisces on when she meet her hubby saying that it was through a mutual friend at a party. Due to their busy work schedules they did not manage to really meet and bong but in 2013 they went on vacation to Uganda together.
Shortly there after they moved in together and a year later they welcomed
their son Ty into the world.

She says he proposed much much later when their son was three months old.

“It was in March 2015, at Hemingway’s in Nairobi. It was on his birthday and our son was just three months old, so I thought we could have dinner, just the two of us. And bang, he’d made arrangements with the team there to do the needful. After dinner, he went down on one knee and proposed,” she told True Love

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Then came the traditional wedding in Uganda where she was arrested after taking a video of the palace of the Rwenzururu Kingdom being burnt down.

When she posted it on social media it went viral.

The government was not happy.

A day after her traditional wedding she was rounded up by cops, arrested and detained for hours.

“They hit me with a gun on my side and had a lady police probe my private parts, hair and clothes for any memory card that they thought I was hiding. Things had become very, very frightening,” Joy Doreen narrated.

Their lawyer eventually came and bailed them out and the case was eventually dropped.

Like that was not dramatic enough, weeks after resuming to work, her car is stolen.

MWIZI SUGU! Joy Doreen Biira’s Workmate At Standard Group Arrested In Kisumu In Possession Of Her Stolen 2.8 Shilling Mercedes Benz

Joy Doreen confesses that she would have dropped the case and let it go if her workmate had not gone and lied in court.

“He alleged that I had given him the car and colluded with him to steal it for compensation
by my insurance company. That day, walking into court, I was very close to forgiving him and retracting the case at the request of my family, but I ended up walking out angrier than before.”

Aaron Ochieng has since resigned from Standard Group and the case is ongoing.