Popular Churchill Show comedienne Zeddy continues to fight for the rights of comedians by exposing those who frustrate them.

…Victor Ber hukuambia enda utrain tukutane tarehe kama leo next year. Depression inaingia after watu wamekuona kwa TV and you’re struggling to make ends meet. Sa hizo Ber amekufukuza one year ni kazi gani msanii anaeza andikwa unless you have a side hustle?

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Talking about depression on Jalang’o’s show, Zeddy exposed creative director Victor Ber again, claiming he sends comedians into depression.

She revealed that there is favouritism at Churchill Show whereby some comedians are always fixed to feature on TV yet some who work hard are denied the chance.

‘When we meet with Churchill, J Blessing and Victor Ber want to be present, and that’s why many fear to address the problems they face. Ukijaribu kusema hio shows utazionea viusasa; you won’t be given a chance,’ she said. 

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Jalang’o, on the other hand, called out comedians who live beyond their means saying,

They get themselves into depression. Some hire cars and others use uber yet they can’t afford so that they don’t use matatus. Mtu kama Sleepy ni mtu anateseka lakini hawezi sema kwa sababu hana kazi nyingine na hana anything anado.There’s this comedian who used to hire a car every day to keep up with social media pressures. You can’t fake it.

Talking about the comediennes of Churchill, Zeddy said they live a real-life compared to their male counterparts. She acknowledged the godfather of comedy for giving her a chance to showcase her talent on the show.

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