Mange vs Zari

Zari Hassan has blasted haters who claim she’s living a fake life.

The mother of five, who’s currently the CEO of Brooklyn Colleges in South Africa is living large. She owns a multi-million mansions in South Africa and Uganda, various businesses, and a fleet of expensive machines among them Range Rovers. She is also a brand ambassador for several products.

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Well, recently Zari posted a photo posing next to one of her Range Rovers and one of her fans pointed out that people have been claiming that she hires cars.

Isn’t this the same car some old fool woman kept saying you had hired to show off on social media…. Imagine hiring it until now! She surely ate quite a lot of her vomit. Some women can’t stand seeing other women go high up thanks to their hard work, they think everyone must live a fake life and go hanging in bars looking for old pensioners to help them live this same typa life,’ read the post.

The self-made responded back and she wrote,

@dbxxstore they always eat their vomit🤮back. Heheh🤣.


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Clearly, Zari was shading Tanzanian socialite Mange Kimambi, who is always attacking her.

Mange Kinambi
Mange Kinambi

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