Carol Radull

The Kenyan sports industry has nothing to smile about. Most of our sportspeople languish in poverty, some sink into depression after things don’t go well and others die poor even after putting the country on the world map at one point in life.

Former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng’, once-upon-a-time cricket superstar Maurice Odumbe, ex Harambee Stars player Noah Oyuko are some of the sportspeople who flew the Kenyan flag high while they were still active in sports.

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After Covid-19 hit the globe, most sportspeople were left struggling to make ends meet and speaking about how this has affected our local sportsmen, sports presenter Carol Radull told,

They don’t earn enough. They live hand to mouth. There’s a misconception our sportspeople have money. We get the glory and we don’t get the money. We win trophies as teams…

Speaking during Mpasho Live with Kalondu Musyimi, Radull talked about how most sportsmen are not advised and guided on how to use their money.

‘…in Conjestina’s case, she didn’t make a lot of money and that’s common with all sportspeople. They don’t make a lot of money just because everybody knows your name. Apart from our athletes who get invited to marathons and get massive sponsorship, most of our sportspeople don’t have money and people need to know that. They have belts, trophies and not money,’ she added.

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Radull together with former footballer Bramwel Karamoja and ex cricket player started Jaza Stady Initiative two years ago to support local sports by bringing back fans to stadiums.