Zimbabwean play boy Ginimbi real name Genius Kadungure lost his life on Sunday morning on his way home after attending a birthday party of his pal, video vixen Michelle Amuli, professionally known as Mimi Moana. She turned 26 years old.

Zimbabwean media reports that Ginimbi leaving the party at Club Dreams in the Rolls Royce when they had a head-on collision with a blue Honda Fit.

Ginimbi was in the car with three other passengers, Mimi Moana, Karim and Alichia Adams.

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Genius Kandungure aka Ginimbi sits on top of a Rolls-Royce. The controversial businessman was able to strike his first major deal securing gas for domestic use due to his connections with Angolan Airways

The driver of the Honda Fit car that got involved in the accident with Ginimbi survived the crash but is said to be in shock.

A witness, Danny Kuwanga, who spoke to Zim Live said,

“It happened in front of my eyes. He was speeding. He first overtook me and as he tried to overtake a second vehicle, that’s when he crashed into the Honda Fit driving the opposite way.”

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“The girls didn’t make it out. They were just crying inside the burning car. We couldn’t do anything.”

Other eyewitnesses have said that Ginimbi was still alive when they hauled him out of the vehicle. But later succumbed due to internal injuries.

May their souls rest in peace.

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