Feeling young and looking young are two different things. These men actually look and feel 20 but believe it or not they have hit the 30-year mark.

Praise be to God because we have something to thirst our eyes at.

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Here is a list of the men who are 30 or past but still look 20.

  1. Nick Mutumanick mutuma

He has probably gotten used to the fact that we will forever thirst after him even in his 60’s. With his recent weight gain, he now looks like the man you’d want to cuddle, Monday to Monday. Keep moisturizing that face Nick.

2. Jamal Gaddafi

This is just the kind of Mayo we need to serve alongside our fries. We must not forget his amazing dressing style that just serves as goals.

Dear girls, feast on this.​

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3. Bien Barasa

From the Nishike video we all just want to see more of this melanin man! He looks 16 in fact as he does know how to take care of his body for sure. With all the yoga his girlfriend takes him through, I am sure he will remain like this for a while.

4. Mark Massai.

He has never changed from the first day we saw him on TV and he is definitely ‘ageless’ goals. As he is married we would expect some wife fat and saggy everything, but no! Still looks 25.

5. John Allan Namu

Gracing our number five is our very own investigative journalist John Allan Namu. Funny thing is it’s very hard to just call him John or Allan or Namu we fit them all together. Like James Bond. Because John Allan Namu is what we call a snack! Nomnom.

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6. McDonald Mariga

Our shinning footballer takes the cup in the sports department. Have you guys seen his body? This guy is not even about to age yani. With all the running and chasing the ball, he looks like he will forever be 16.

Ladies, you’re welcome and for the men, have this as a list of your 2018 body, age, and general plastic surgery goals.

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