Afew days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about CEOs and where they probably go to burn their money. The funny thing about it is that I always envisioned CEOs burning their hard earned money on remote islands and other same such exotic holiday destinations.

My friend and I both had the same idea of where CEOs of Kenya’s fortune 500 companies go to seek some RnR (rest and relaxation). However, when I talked to one CEO, his response completely blew my mind. Far from them going to spend holidays at expensive destinations, most enjoy downtime at venues the hoipolloi can gain access to.

Then again that should come with a rider so allow me to reiterate, most enjoy downtime at venues the hoipolloi can gain access to. Most but not all. So if you ever were wondering where you can find these guys, allow Uncle Chim Tuna to enlighten you alittle:

#1. 1824

Nestled right in the heart of Lang’ata’s party scene, this club is infact a lounge that boasts a ciggar bar and extensive whisky collection.
1824 never fails to attract the most beautiful women and the most powerful men in their respective fields. Celebrities such as Joe W. Muchiri and Gidi Gidi frequent the place aswell as some of the most important technocrats in the advertising and media world.