Size 8 is expecting the birth of her third child next month.

This comes after she lost her second pregnancy in December 2018.

The mother to be is anticipating the arrival of their child told her friends during a surprise baby shower,

“Don’t take baby showers for granted,” adding, “For me, this pregnancy, getting here is a miracle.”

All about Size 8’s secret baby shower (Video)

That said, we have compiled a list of 8 weird things Size 8 should expect in the delivery room.

1. Forget what you see on TV, those hospital gowns are cute. You get to wear those gowns that open at the back. But in all honesty, when the labour progresses, hiyo gown utatoa.

2. You may throw up. This is because digestion tends to stop during labour. It is also your body’s response to the pain.

3. The pressure of the contractions can force air out, and you may pass gas in extreme cases, you may even pee or poop during labour as well. Often, you won’t even be aware of your bodily functions as you are too busy pushing.

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4. Your may experience shivering to the point where your teeth may chatter. Studies show that a small amount of foetal blood crosses into your bloodstream during labour. If there is a difference between the blood types (if you are type A, and your baby is type B), you may get the shakes and chills.

5. You change personality. Yes, you may find yourself screaming, crying, shouting profanities and even yelling.

6. Your baby will not be pretty. They usually come out with white stuff covering them. It is not like in the movies.

7. The good news is that during labour and birth, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin, known as the “hormone of love”. Since there are is pain and embarrassments involved, this chemical works to wipe the slate clean once your newborn is placed in your arms.

8. After you give birth, there is still more. You will need to birth the placenta. This can take five to 15 minutes after your baby is born.

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