BreakUp. photo credit: newspatrolling

Breakups are the worst.

For many girls, it’s time to get a revenge body or to eat ice cream all day and just chill. But when that phase is over, they come out of that breakup phase and do not give any f**ks about love. They want to take care of them.

  1. The ones that will respect themselves and move on

As painful as it might be to lose a loved one, these girls move fast! They look for rebounds and make the best out of it.

2. The abnormal ones that decide boys are not worth it and become lesbians

These ones even lower a man’s self-esteem. He always has the thought of ‘wasn’t I good enough?’ Funny enough they blossom so well in the relationship after the breakup and she keeps writing captions saying she is ‘woke’.

3. The ones that go bat-shit crazy and threaten to commit suicide 

Okay, this is a deep one. Love is a very strong emotion and women give their heart fully. They make their loved ones their everything. Best friends, lovers, sisters and confidantes. So when she loses him she has lost what they say was her ‘whole world’.

4. The desperate ones that beg and beg for months to get back together

These girls blame themselves for all the things that went wrong in the relationship and they are always saying they are sorry.

5. The frustrated ones that show up to doorstep anytime and threaten to come to your wedding 

These girls can be a bit psycho, they plan how to sabotage the man’s life including his current relationship. They send threatening messages to the man’s current lover and stalk them all day on social media.


6. The ones who don’t care they dump you as soon as they smell a rat

Girls know when that time comes but they just chose to ignore the warning signs. Well, some girls see them and decide they are going to get the last laugh so they do it just before the guy has composed himself to dump her.

7. The foolish ones that take your details to social media to spoil your name

These are probably most girls you know. The good ones spare you a bit of embarrassment by not tagging you on social media but others do. What they write are bitter words.