Some Kenyan celebrities always look well put together while others always appear um… There is no nice way to say it so let us just move right along.

And while some Kenyan celebrities go for timeless looks such as suits, others chase after fads -and there is nothing wrong with that. But the other day I found myself talking to my tailor about fashion trends and we shifted onto which celebrities are always well dressed and looking dapper. So I decided to compile a list of the same and what I came up with is what you see below:Shaffie Weru news, Prezzo news, Wi

#1. Willy Paul
Willy Paul had to make it on the list to represent all the yuteman. He is always clean and freshly pressed. Most people hate on the fact that he is constantly looking to Diamond for inspiration bit hey, it works!

#2. Rabbit
This lad always executes the dapper look well. Let’s just call him guillotine because of how sharp he usually is in tailored bespoke suits.

#3. Bahati
Another representative for the yute dem. Bahati is known for his steep sag but in my eyes, his fashion sense is pristine. The sagging can be chalked down to the exuberance of youth.

#4. Vicmas Luodollar
From rags to riches has never had such a dapper hero. The rapper has come up real fast and his dress sense rose to match his meteoric rise.

#5. Octo
The granddaddy of swag. He stays true to his own rules and buck anyone with an opinion about it!

#6. Jamal Gaddafi
The lad who works at Standard is always fresh to death. Even back when he was still hustling the spotlight back at Changes when it was the most happening club in Westlands!

#7. Shaffie Weru
This lad right here is the king of phresh! He can do both casual street wear and bespoke suits and pull it off with such ease!

#8. Shaq Tha Yungin
Nairobi youngest sponsor as he calls himself is the evolving face of celebrity. Though still a student at USIU, he is making alot of contributions to the culture and has the dresscode to match.

#9. Prezzo
And rounding up our list is the A List Celebrity himself, the king of bad guys, the prince of phreshness, P.R.E.Z.Z.O!