Classic 105 radio host Mwalimu Kingangi has said that there is nothing wrong in being given cash by a woman you are dating/married to.

‘I have seen a guy walk around with CV’s till people started calling him a Jehovah witness guy.

There is nothing wrong with being given cash by a woman.

The gospel that women should not give men money is not good.’

Tongoza polepole: President Uhuru advises Kenyan men on matters love

Maina Kageni advised women on the contrary.

‘Why do you give men money? Do all other things warm his bed make him comfortable but please do not give him money.’

One man said that by the time a woman gives a man money it’s out of her own will.

‘If a woman has to give me money I did not force her. By the time people start discussing your man for not providing its obvious that you have sat down and discussed him. Be private with your own issues, all relationships are unique.’

Another went on to brag how his woman just gave him Ksh 140,000 just days ago.

‘My woman gave me Ksh 140’000 for investment ,we kaa hapo ukisema tusipewe.’ 

What do you think should a woman give man money?

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