Lilian Muli

Citizen TV reporter Lilian Muli has warned people who took a photo of her car to use it maliciously, saying the wicked can’t find peace.

The obviously agitated mother of two took to her social media to warn the individual/s that they shall know no peace.

There is no rest for the wicked.

I am passing this message to you who took a photo of my car and tried to use it for your pathetic malicious gain.

YoU failed miserably. Again i am repeating. There is no rest for the wicked!

Utawachwa tu, once a player always a player!’ Critics warn to Corazon Kwamboka

You will know no peace as long as you go around doing evil. You have been warned.

Although it is not yet clear what the person who took the photo wanted to do, it’s clear it was not a good thing.

Being a celebrity comes with it’s own challenges and sharing such images can lead to actions such as conning, kidnapping among other things.

Kidnapping cases are not news anymore as people kidnap you, siphon all your bank and Mpesa accounts and even steal from your friends.

So Lilian Muli has a right to be mad.

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