Vera Sidika

Controversial tweep Maverick Aoko has said that there is no difference between socialites and prostitutes who sell their ware on the streets.

Speaking during an interview on Jalango TV, she said,

‘There is no difference between socialites, slay queens, women who are sponsored and prostitutes.

The only difference is on how and where they ply their route.

Prostitutes stand on the streets while socialites and slay queens have made social media their brothels.’

Utawezana? Photos of the voluptuous Kenyan lady giving Vera Sidika a run for her money

Speaking on women who constantly go through body enhancement surgeries, Aoko said,

‘Some of these things they waste so much money on is transient that is why they have to keep going back under the surgeons blade.

I wish women would take this time and resources and focus on things that will carry them even when beauty fades.

That is her money. I think she needed a brain surgery more than a boob implant.’

Aoko was responding to a statement by Vera saying she spent Ksh 2 million on her boobs.

“I decided to add my boobs to look proportional. My boobs did cost me Sh 2 million to adjust. The transplant procedure was done in Beverly Hills,” Vera told  Jalang’o.

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