Kalonzo Musyoka

Former Vice President and wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has sparked quite the hullabaloo on social media after a photo of him jumping onto the back of a Bishop was shared on social media.

The incident elicited mixed reactions from social media users, some of whom accused the former Vice President of weird theatrics ahead of Kenya’s General Election.

Kenyans could not wrap their heads around to why Kalonzo would do such a thing…

It has now emerged that before the strange picture went viral, the politician pleaded with the media personnel covering the function and the congregation to give a correct explanation of his antics.

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Apparently, it is said that Kalonzo Musyoka told members of the media to correctly explain the meaning behind his antics, referring to his ‘upliftment’ before the general elections and how a brother can form a bridge to success. This was followed by prolonged laughter from the congregation.

Bishop Daniel Indatula of the of the Jesus Winning Soul Ministry Church who authorized the former VP to hop onto his back has since explained that the significance of the demonstration was to show how the former Vice President had been uplifted ahead of the August General Election.

Mmmmhhhh….still seems a bit strange to me…