Days after returning home from the US Jahmby Koikai said she is having a hard time adjusting to the Kenyan weather as her body is still in recovery mode.

Jahmby recently came back to Kenya after two years of seeking further medical treatment abroad.

Jahmby who has been battling endometriosis for years says that the Nairobi weather is making it hard for her to breath.

‘I had such a great day yesterday. Spent all day asleep and woke up late afternoon.

Played some mixes on ig live for close to two hours then I started feeling hazy.

Jahmby Koikai

My recovery process is not a swift one and there are days i feel so ill.

I haven’t slept a wink. Nairobi air is dry and quite thin for me and for most people who have respiratory issues.

Karibu Nyumbani: Jahmby Koikai finally returns to Kenya after 2 years

In that regard, I have a heater and a humidifier that is on at all times for the air to be moisturized.

Last night though, the temps were quite low and my oxygen levels kept fluctuating.

My doctors were all on standby just in-case I headed to the emergency. I’ve grown medically aware to understand my body and flare-ups in my recovery.

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Jahmby added that she is in dire need of a health club facility willing to sponsor her as a steam bath would greatly help her.

The thin air makes it hard for me to breathe, blocks my air passage and harder to expel mucous and other fluids from my body.

I kindly need a health wellness/health club facility that has a steam bath and sauna that doesn’t charge membership fees (I’ve spent all my funds on medical bills).

Jahmby Koikai

Sitting in a steam bath will clear my airways and increase blood flow to my lungs and chest area.
Kindly let me know if you know of any health clubs that would assist me?

Please spread the word and let’s help Jahmby find a health club willing to sponsor her membership.

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