First things first, what would you want to do with it? Has money ever stopped you from doing something you really wanted to? Sometimes, I daydream about this. I even think about it before I fall asleep. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, but then so is winning the jackpot.  If you play hard and fast, that’s one million for each day of close to a month. Or, used wisely, the cash could keep you going for your entire life.

I bet anyone reading this has ever had such a thought cross their mind. Now I know that we all have thoughts of different albeit crazy ways in which we can blow such an amount of money. We are all different at the end of the day so I went and asked around. However, I downplayed the amount and asked about what they’d do with two million shillings.

The tea girl at our office stated that she would first of all buy a plot of land somewhere then build a house that would suit her needs and requirements. She would then build a good stone house for folks back at home as they currently live in a in a mud-walled house. Though key on her mind were several investments, she did not know where to start or which were the best investments to make at this time.

For the celebrity with a palate for class, her breakdown of the money was so instant that it made the two million sound like it was a mere 100 shilling note. She claimed that for such an amount, she would be done with it within 10 minutes upon receiving it. No investments, just leisure and vacations.

See, these are two people who live in separate ecosystems and both require different needs in their lives.

Now, a lady called Violet Wandaho Gathu is one of the luckiest women in Kenya. That’s if you asked me. Just last week, she walked away with about KSH 27,246,319 in Sportpesa’s mid-week jackpot. The 30 year old single mother of one who recently ended her career in the banking industry was all smiles and joy at her luck in the game. She’s a frequent player who does it every few days and on this day, she placed a wager before going to bed.

With just a hundred shillings, she became the newest millionaire in the country.

Violet Gathu, SportPesa Jackpot Winner
Violet Gathu, SportPesa Jackpot Winner

Asked what she would do with the money, Wandaho, who comes from Nakuru said that investing the money was key so that she would at least earn more from it. She however says that seeking advice fro close family and friends would be a great idea so that she does not invest in something that would fail to give her a return on investments.

For me, after paying off my bills and purchasing a good house and a nice car, I would invest a bunch of it and give the investment earnings to charity. I would also set up some scholarships for people.

What would you do?