Shaffie Weru aka The Raverend and the self proclaimed Secretary General of Team Mafisi is making a comeback to radio.

Its been over a year since he was on air. He and Adelle Onyango were hosting Kiss FM’s breakfast show dubbed ‘Breakfast With The Stars’.

HomeBoyz radio shared a photo of Shaffie holding a placard that read;

“Manze, I haven’t been on air for over a year. G, lets do this bruv. Shaff-Money in the morning #RadioBazuu”

Shaffie Weru

Since then, he has been working behind the scenes and is still at Radio Africa. He confirmed this weekly Mpasho Xtra live Instagram session

He said,

‘Last time I was on radio was in August last year before I went to states and came back, then I went off air.’


‘I was just asking G-Money if I can spend time with him, if its just one morning we do a show together. But I promise next year, I will be back to radio. Right now, the year is ending and you can’t make a comeback in December.”

Shaffie continued,

“I promise next year, it will be my new year’s resolution”

Shaffie got into the media industry at the age of 18 as an intern but started making money at 22 years.

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Check out his exclusive conversation;