Even though the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act (2013) clearly states that;

No person holding a licence to manufacture, store or consume alcoholic drinks under this Act shall allow a person under the age of eighteen years to enter or gain access to the area in which the alcoholic drink is manufactured, stored or consumed.

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Who cares? The bar owners need money, and young people want to have fun.

A recent research shows that young people start consuming alcohol between the age 12 – 16 years. A bigger percentage of them receive their first drink from their friends, relatives and even parents.

44.9% of them drink on special occasions, 32.9% on school holidays, 6.6% 2-3 times a week, 5.1% daily, 5.1% once a month, 3.3% every two weeks and 2.9% once a week.

Boy schools account for the highest underage alcohol consumption while the habit tends to be almost evenly skewed between those that receive >3000 & <500 per term as pocket money.

Minors from single parent and grandparent-led families are more likely to engage in underage consumption of alcohol

Courtesy NACADA/ Ipsos

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