Kenyan artiste Vivianne has supported Vanessa Mdee’s views that the entertainment industry can easily lead one into depression due to how they are treated.

Sharing an old photo of she and Vanessa, Vivianne captioned it,

‘This is an old pic of Vanessa Mdee and I.

Truth is she is a ball of fire and one of the best entertainers hands down.

I saw some news about her in a blog and got to listen to one of her podcasts #deepdive..

I know for sure everyone has their own unique journey but as much as possible we have to be able to stand in solidarity when it comes to the truth.

Vanessa posing

I love to make music but the pressure and the hypocrisy will drive you into depression or substance abuse that’s for sure.’

‘Alcoholism had turned me into a human robot’ Vanessa Mdee opens up

In my own capacity as Vivian the lack of truth and lack of love that is characteristic in our entertainment system is demonic.

And I appreciate @vanessamdee very much for being vulnerable and honest about her journey.

Vivianne went on to urge female artistes to love and appreciate one another.

‘And if nothing else gets heard I’d like to appeal especially to my female counterparts in entertainment to extend grace to one another and be ambassadors of truth and love.

I’m definitely not perfect at it but I try and also share my truth., Tag your best female artiste and let’s remind each other to be ambassadors of love and truth!’

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