Days after being exposed for being a member of a boys club that uses and dumps women, Jalango has spoke about how he has lost clients.

His bad boy behaviour was exposed after screenshots of their chats were leaked.

Comedian Jalango was caught smack in the middle of a super embarrassing WhatsApp screenshot leak.

Taking to his Instagram, Jalango wrote about how the expose has cost him business deals.

 ‘The past two days have been very rough for me and my close friends because of the chats from our WhatsApp group.

Yes we agree that it was our group and its a group that has been there for soo many years and through the group we have achieved alot in developing ourselves in different fields more so investment which was the sole reason for the group.

The boys are not just friends but people we grew up with from childhood, went to school together and achieved a lot together.

On the chats you’ve seen, no one will tell you the genesis of the chats or the previous chats but they picked what they wanted you to see, we have been judged, abused and crucified and told that we formed a boys group just to have our pleasures.’

Jalango added that as a group they would not defend themselves.

‘We will not defend ourselves but this was just another random boys chat in a WhatsApp group.

The difference between us and you is that your chats haven’t leaked out but I can assure you that in most WhatsApp groups chats about men, women, money can never miss.

People have blown this out of proportion and I can assure you we are totally broken.

I have had people call me to encourage me and the boys and others calling to just condemn us, we have taken this as a lesson.

Jalango went ahead to state that whomever leaked the conversation was doing so out of malice.

‘There is a lot of malice and hate around it but we cant go there now. What really happened? Or whats the truth?

When Covid happen most of my friends closed office and I requested them to come help me build my YouTube channel.

We took one of our appointments and turned into a fully fledged studio and that’s where we have been shooting,occasionally we go to where our guest is or hire a place to work depending on guest request .

we are always done by 2 or 3pm so we sit back and just relax have a boys time and chat, few friends have joined us too.’

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He was also quick to point an accusing finger at Edgar Obare a YouTuber well known for exposing people.

‘What does it benefit you when you do all this? The damage you’ve CAUSED us can never be repaired Edgar.

 I assure you that were it that I was a bad person this would not have ended well, we will not sue or try to follow on anything and we will just let this pass but you’ve broken families.

we have lost business and top clients who have pulled out on us, it is ok and we understand them, no one would want to be around us now.

We thank clients and friends who have stood by us by seeking to know the truth first.’

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In conclusion Jalango added,

‘The truth will set us free someday for now all we have to do is try and put our heads up above this storm hoping it will soon pass.

Moving forward, we have  learnt a lot from this, we accept our mistakes and ask for forgiveness to anyone we offended, we ask for your prayers and guidance.

Meanwhile The show goes on! God bless you.


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