Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli is out here encouraging women who’ve had it rough in their relationships to stay strong.

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She shared a post that read, ‘Have you ever been a victim of emotional and mental abuse?

She invited women to share their experiences.

“Yes me too and I suffered in silence..not even my mother knew about it…I was even abused at 8 months pregnant and I was almost losing my baby but I thank God I am not in that space again and am moved on to someone better…I really have gone through a lot in my 1st marriage..a lot of beatings only God knows the pain I went through,” a woman wrote.

Another one wrote, “Yes. Loving the wrong person who made me feel so worthless to a point I even had self-esteem issues”.

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The mother of two gave different opinions on different reactions and went ahead to advise women not to limit themselves to dating a certain type of men.

‘…after going through the same pain twice in my life I realized I was attracting the same character in my relationships because I was attracted to a certain type. You must put an end to attracting certiain type. Take time to heal and then really take time before you open to someone else,’ she wrote.

Lillian Muli


Do not share too many intimate details about what went wrong previously in your life in terms of abuse unless you are 100 percent sure about the person you are opening up to. Chances are they might use your vulnerabilities against you and really do you wrong based on what they know about your greatest fears.

The 38-year-old mother admitted that after being hurt the pain never goes away but it’s upon one to forget it and forge on.

I wish you well. The pain never really goes away but it can be replaced by the wisdom to be extremely in love with yourself. Loving yourself means burying the ghosts of the past and living in a present where you know that your mental health must be safeguarded at all costs.

Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli divorced her husband Kanene a few years ago and hooked up with Shabana boss CEO Jared Nevaton. They were blessed with a son but their relationship has been on and off.

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