Imagine being born with two s@x organs, Traumatizing isn’t it? That is the life some people have been forced to live with despite the stigma.

A person born with two s@x organs (male and female) is known as Inters3x.

James Karanja was born Mary Waithera but she now identifies

‘I was raised as a girl until I decided what gender I wanted to identify with.

I was not given a name for three weeks after I was born because they could not identify if I was a boy or a girl.

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James Karanja who was born Mary Waithera

My grand mother was saved and she said that they would not kill me so they decided to bring me up as a girl.

They decided on me being a girl because when girls are growing up girls are allowed privacy unlike boys.

They argued that also said that it would have been easier for me to transition from being a girl to a boy than vice versa.’

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James went on to say that his transition from identifying as female to identifying as male was not easy.

In form three is when I realized that I was not a female.

Transitioning was not easy as every one knew me as Waithera, They used to call me ‘dame-chali’ before I became James.

I would do everything I was told from a man’s perspective, At a tender age I knew something must have been wrong somewhere.

But I convinced myself that maybe the way I looked is how other girls were supposed to look like.

I grew up at a time when one could not easily talk about s@x.

James said that he went to a girls school but despite that, his instincts always told him he was in the wrong place.

‘I went to a girls boarding school.

The first day I woke up at 3.00 am and saw there was so many differences between and the other girls.

While in form three girls were always attracted to me and they would even send me love letters.

I was expelled because they thought I was initiating lesbianism into the school.

After that I asked my grand mother why I did not have boobs, why I never had monthly periods.

The church had also refused to baptize me. My father dumped my mother because he thought I was cursed.

My mum also developed mental issues due to my sexuality.

James added

‘Most of inters3x people are infertile. It is also very hard for them to have intercourse.’

But se3ual gratification comes in different ways.

Whether an intersex person could get pregnant and carry the pregnancy and have a baby depends mostly whether they have a more complete set of reproductive organs.

Dr J.N.Kinuthia, a Medical Superintendant at Royolk Medical Centre said that

Nothing can be able to penetrate into her even when the uterus and cervix are not deformed.

This is because there is something penetrating out of the female genitalia.

They can not have intercourse unless it’s an*l s@x.

The deformation may not only be on the se3ual organs the deformation may also be on the inside. 

So many people are corrected and life goes back to normalcy. 

The reason why interse3 people cannot carry a pregnancy is because deformations vary.

eg someone might have a uterus but it’s not fully formed.

Most if not all true hermaphrodites have incomplete reproductive organs and a pregnancy would be extremely rare.

Ryan Muiruri was also born Ruth Mwihaki before he made a decision to identify as male.

Speaking about his experience Ryan said

When I was born they could not immediately establish whether I was a boy or a girl

Ever since I was four years old I knew that I was a girl – a woman. Yet everyone saw me as a boy – a man.

Ryan Muiruri

I suppressed these feelings for years feeling nothing but guilt and shame. I even became suicidal.

You cannot begin to imagine what life is like when you know you are a female but everyone else believes you are a man.

Ryan added that the family was not supportive given they looked at him as a bad omen.

The family was not supportive as they felt like I was going against the religious teachings.

After trying to commit suicide more than 7 times is when I realized that a man does not run away from challenges but faces them right.

Kenyan intersex Ryan Muiruri who was born as a woman

According to Deacon Dr. Patrick Lappert transition surgery among interse3 people is irreversible.

One of the biggest problems with transgender se3 change surgeries is that they are permanent and irreversible in any meaningful way.

There’s nothing reversible about genital surgery – it’s a permanent, irreversible mutilation of the human person. And there’s no other word for it.

Such surgeries result in permanent sterility

“It results in permanent sterility.

It’s a permanent dissolution of the unitive and the procreative functions.

And even the unitive aspect of the se3ual embrace is radically hindered if not utterly destroyed,” 

The above statements means that an interse3 person cannot be able to bear a child .

People who are interse3 still tend to have one reproductive organ that is more fully formed than the other

There are no documented cases of both the ovaries and testes to be fully functional.

Interse3 is mainly confused with transgender but one should understand these conditions are different.

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital paediatrician and endocrinologist Paul Laigong’ says transgender is not a medical disorder.

“Transgender is an issue to do with identity and it has nothing to do with a medical problem.

It has nothing to do with anatomy, it has nothing to do with functio.

by the time they are male, or female they are fully functional as male or female,” he explains.

He clarified that there are those born with disorders of se3ual differentiation which is usually detected at birth.

“There are those born with ambiguous genitalia, when you look at the genitalia, you cannot for sure say if this is a male or female.

These are patients with disorders of se3ual differentiation.

This can be corrected depending on the side that the doctor feels is stronger at a young age,” he explains.

In most cases where both genders are unclear, doctors give options of waiting until puberty.

If still their gender cannot be determined, individuals can choose who they want to be when they are old enough to make an informed decision.

Unlike such medical conditions, Laigong’ says transgender is a feeling that makes someone to undergo a surgery and a hormonal treatment to change to their preferred gender.

“The treatment and surgery can only change what we see, but when it comes to function, that cannot be changed.

When one is male and female, they can get hormones to make them look like women.

they can have their organs removed but they cannot function fully, they cannot be fertile or give birth,”

Same case if one is born female and wants to be male, they cannot father a child.

He also points out that transgender people are not gay.

“Do not confuse those two, anybody can go gay.

Transgender is where one decides one day, “from today I want to be a man or a woman.

And they do surgeries and treatment to make them what they feel they ought to be.”

Dr Laigong’ concludes that transgender is a matter of a personal decision where one is born with things that make them female or male but chose to be the other se3.


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