DJ Evolve

DJ Evolve, who was shot by Embakasi MP Babu Owino is set to undergo a third surgery later in the day.

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According to Mike, a close friend of DJ Evolve, his spinal cord was bruised and this resulted in sensory loss and lower limb weakness.

Felix has been responding well to treatment and is in stable condition. As of yesterday, he was still in pain & couldn’t move his lower section of the body but he personally informed me he could feel some reflexes from a distance, which is a great sign of regaining useful function on that region.
The bullet nicked/bruised one of the bones in the neck that is connected to the spine which resulted in sensory loss & lower limb weakness,’ he shared.

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Mike also said that visitors will be restricted to see him through the glass as per doctor’s advice.

He is therefore scheduled to undergo a 3rd (and hopefully the last) surgery later in the day and anyone who visits him from today will be restricted to see him through the glass door, as per his doctor’s advice.
As we advocate justice, let us also keep him & his family in our daily devotions during such difficult moments. God bless!.

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Babu Owino is currently at Milimani to take a plea.