The boy child has suffered. This is the situation the world over.

But now they are fighting back.

One city man has decided to school Nairobi damsels on how to handle the boy child.

Andrew Kibe penned the quintessential cheat sheet for every woman who wants to interact and be in a relationship with the modern day man – generation metrosexual, the f*ck boy and Ben 10 mega stars.

Here Are 5 Things Nairobi F*ck Boys Do To Attract Cougars

Defending the boy child Andrew wrote, “Ladies, find below a list of all the things men don’t care about in a woman.”

1. Your pot belly…as long as thutha iko sawa hanna shida

2. Your job….we really don’t care!!!

3. Your money….we make more money than you anyway

4. ‘My car’…..vitz na demio ni transport si gari

5. Your fake hair…you’d rather go nashoro for all we care

I think thazol for now…..#boychildfightingback.

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