Lillian Muli with Jared
Lillian and Jared

Media personality Lillian Muli has revealed that all is well in paradise despite speculations that she had broken up with her lover.

The mother of two boys shared a black rose a few days ago and captioned it:


Lillian Muli

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Well, she has shared a red rose accompanied by a long post responding to claims that she’s no longer with her baby daddy Jared Nevaton.

Red rose

Lillian Muli lashed out at those spreading rumours that she had parted ways with the father of her second born.

She wrote;

Love is a Beautiful Thing. I will never understand why people are always quick to jump to nasty conclusions and write mean stuff…my Black Rose post had nothing to do with my relationship with Baba Liam so stop with the weird stories I will also not explain what it signified but yes it was the end of a certain season in my life. For those of you who thrive on hearing Bad News or drama about others, sorry; the only News you will hear from Lillianville will be Good News. Learn to wish people well; it costs nothing; as for me and my House we only know how to Love.

Lillian and the Shabana FC boss first appeared in public in 2014 while watching a match at the Machakos Stadium.

The two kept their relationship a secret until last year when Lillian finally gathered the courage to officially introduce him to the online community.

She shared photos of them posing together at different locations and captioned;


Check out reactions from Muli’s followers:

ndukua Well said mama!!πŸ‘πŸ‘
mercyaggy That’s the point girl..keep rocking you are highly favoured

sharonriziki Lilian you owe no one any explanation let not negative people get into you,…..😍😍😍

dominic_mayaka @lilmuli,we were worried because black rose only signifies bad omen but thanks for clarifying to us that you’re well,we do love you I being one of them,we don’t wish anything bad to happen to you,be safe In Jesus name πŸ™

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kinyanjuis_daughter I like how you don’t disclose your relationship neither your baby’s

cikumuchiri Unfortunately, when you post something in the public domain that is associated with doom and a black ending and not elaborate, your followers are bound to guess and guess until you say something. Perils of social media and putting things out there. Don’t know why anyone would expect different πŸ€”

rebb_mbele Wow….that’s so cool girl stay blessed with your family