Cashy vs Khaligraph

Rapper Cashy has finally opened up about her failed relationship to Khaligraph Jones in an interview with Kiss 100.

Sometime in 2017 is when we broke up and after he said he will never introduce a woman to the limelight. I left because it got messy to protect myself because you can’t let yourself be in a place you’re constantly unhappy despite who he or she is. stability mentally and physically comes first.


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She revealed the Mazishi hitmaker was dating other women and it got to a point where they (women) used to threaten her.

when I started getting threats from other women, I decided that is it. just because he was a celeb, the women came in and to make it worse, he was entertaining it. I was getting messages from women and compromising pictures of him with other women.

She continued:

We tried talking about it but you see things were not changing. he lost who he was because he was getting recognition after his brand grew.

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Cashy also admitted being battered by Khaligraph and she said:

There was violence, though I would not discuss it now. many women are always like when it happens to me, I will leave but when it happens to you with someone you have been with for long, you actually get confused. he said it would not happen again. he was sorry when it happened the first time, and that he came from a violent family. However, the beating was constant. it’s painful and negative baggage because I was quiet about it.

The sexy mother of one responded to claims that Khaligraph Jones was sponsored by older women.

He was getting financial aid from various older female sources. this was also a reason why I left. when it comes to a time where you’re committed to someone and he is being financed elsewhere, it hurts.

About her being threatened, she said she has reported the matter to police.

Just coz you’re quiet, people feel like they can walk all over you and shout over my voice trying to intimidate me. but now I am not scared and I can talk without fear and I just want to make it clear I have reported the case to the police.

Cashy has released a new song titled Naitwa Cashy. Khaligraph is also doing well musically and will soon be a father.

When asked about Cashy, Khaligraph denied knowing her, saying that he cannot remember details about anything before he reached international status.

Cashy took to Instagram to mock him after denying her by compiling an Instagram video with Khaligraph and her during an interview and doing a collaboration.

Khaligraph later said,

‘Udaku tafuteni uko mbali. kazi yenu ni kuspread uwongo lakini juu og ni og mazishi inakuanga ile ile’

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones with his heavily pregnant girlfriend

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