Kenya is mourning the loss of a musical icon. Kifo kweli haina huruma. Achieng Abura passed on after getting admitted to Kenyatta National Hospital. She breathed her last at 6pm on October 20, Mashuja Day.

During her hospital stay it is alleged that members of the music fraternity kept away and did not visit the ailing star. Larry Madowo’s lawyer, Don Kipkorir has called them out in a post that has now gone viral. Check out the details below.

‘Stop The Hypocrisy!’ Larry Madowo’s Lawyer SCREAMS At Celebrities Sending RIP Messages To Achieng Abura

Achieng is trending on social media with Kenyans sending in words of comfort to the friend and family of the fallen Legend.

To right the wrong of not being there for the fallen star, gospel singer Rufftone who is a leader of an association for musicians wrote, “After loosing a friend and a colleague it is easy for me to say RIP and end it there but I won’t. Currently my sister Achieng Abura is trending and I know it is because many Kenyans are concerned. I bring it to your attention that her son is very ill and in need of serious medical support. The time to help him is NOW!!!. I kindly ask that you contact my kind and concerned brother John Katana of Them Mushrooms band. He is in contact with her family.”

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He continued, “I also know of another selfless Kenyan celebrity Jalango who can lead the fund drive. Lastly I end it by asking…. when will this end? It is a high time the Kenyan Music Industry got streamlined because if the systems were in order, her royalties alone would have cleared Achieng Abura’s bills. Thanks you Kenyans for your support. From the bottom of our hearts as Kenyan Artists we say THANK YOU.”

Paying tribute to a fellow reality TV personality, former Tusker Project Fame winner, Ruth Matete remembers fondly how Achieng who was also on the show as the principal of the academy defended her in the media.

“I remember some few years ago when it was me against the world. I made a mistake. And even after apologizing it seemed like very few people believed in me and gave me a second chance… Those I thought would have my back were the very people that kept spreading mean stories about me. Then one day I saw an article in one of the blogs. You Lydia Achieng Abura had defended me. I had only met you a few times and I would be lying if I say we were close friends. But as I read the article, I got strength to keep holding on. I felt the love of a mother who rebuked the child in love. It’s then that I learnt, that you get to know who is for you for real, when things are tough. You will be missed. Rest In Peace dear,” Ruth Wrote.

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