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In this day and age, it’s very hard to be a virgin, the pressure that comes with being one makes one want to hide under the bed and hide their status.

Why does society seem to glorify early sex and vilify chastity?

Below are some of the reasons people breaking their chastity vows.

Peer pressure

Yes, you read that right.

Young people are constantly under pressure to give in to early sex to have something to contribute when the topic is being discussed by their peers.

Saddening as it may be, it’s something that has led to so many unwanted teenage pregnancies.


Growing up we all know of how much promises we were given by the people who took away our innocence.

Some people assume that by sleeping with your girlfriend/boyfriend the love between you two will grow.

Woe unto you if he is a member of team mafisi, ataonja na atoroke.

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Lack of role models

Times have changed.

Some parents get intimate in the presence of their kids, either intentionally or due to limited spaces within rental houses in Nairobi.

Such kids who are exposed to sex early become very curious and find they are sexually active at a very early age.


The internet has grown and most millennials have access to tools our parents never had while growing up.

This means that kids can search and access sites that are way above their age.

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At some point (above 18) it becomes very hard for a parent to control such a child.

If you have chosen to retain your chastity till marriage there is nothing wrong about it, Do not feel ashamed about it nor be apologetic.

If you also decide to bless akina Brian with your cookie jar well and good just don’t come back asking for ways to tighten it.

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