TerryAnne Chebet

Jacque Maribe’s life took a turn for the worst after her fiance started out as a person of interest in the murder of one Monicah Kimani.

The country has been following the case step by step for two reasons.

One, because well, a high profile journalist, Jacque Maribe is involved and two, because Kenyans want justice for Monicah and others who have lost their lives in such situations.

Joseph Irungu – also known as Jowie – who is the main suspect in the case was arrested last week and then Jacque Maribe was later arrested after thorough investigations were done in her house and her car where they found evidence linking her to the crime. This made her a suspect in the case.

Well, now Jacque Maribe’s name is all over the case which then means everyone in her life is equally involved in the case.

Citizen TV Jacque Maribe arrested, spends night in police cell

Her close friends, Terryanne Chebet, Shix Kapyenga and Monica Kiragu who were present during the grand proposal have been rumored to be summoned called by police to give a statement concerning their friend.

Jacque Maribe

The statement doing rounds on social media and WhatsApp groups on their involvement in the case is:

Three journalists among them Fanaka Tv CEO Terryanne Chebet, Hot 96 Presenter Shix Kapyenga and Citizen Tv’s News Director Monica Kiragu will tomorrow record statements at the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Hqs in connection with Monica Kimani’s gruesome murder

Mpasho reached out to one of her closest friends Terryanne to confirm the rumour and she was clear that its just that, a rumor. She responded saying:

It isn’t true. no one has reached out to any of us.

Taking to her Twitter, Terryanne added:

The death of Monica Kimani and the people involved has dug up a lot of unknown information and it is also tarnishing the names of anyone around the suspects.

This includes friends and family especially those of Jacque Maribe since we have not seen any of Joe Irungu’s family or friend come out to speak on the case.

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