Terrence Creative alias Kamami has penned an emotional letter to the late Churchill comedian Kasee just hours after he was laid to rest in Machakos.

The letter commends Kasee for having worked hard enough to provide for his young family.

He also reminisced on the good times Kasee had in life before his demise.

‘You came to Nairobi by bus and you went back home by bus, but this time a bit different.

You had your dreams and ambitions, some you achieved some you never, to some you may have failed and to some you made pride, it’s life and you’ll never get it 100% right.

Behind you leave your kids and someone you loved, behind you leave an industry that probably never behaved the way you wanted.

After a while some will forget you but some will never forget you – it’s life, whichever way, you were part of our lives and everyone has something to remember about you.’

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Today I just want to appreciate you for never giving up on yourself and your family, don’t feel ashamed,you did well.

A man who cares for his family will never get embarrassed for doing any job as filthy as it may appear just to put food on table for his family, bro you cared for your family until the last day and that they shall remember.’

Terrence added

‘To me you were among the best artists after AKA that really did well with props on stage.

You had one saying that no matter what “lazima watu wacheke “ I remember one day at carnivore you did a show and the crowd was a bit cold then you said “chekeni ama niwaroge “ 😂 that made everyone’s night.

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Those are valued memories, I have a lot to remember about you “kama siku ulikuwa unakuja na skooter carnivore alafu ikakwamia kwa Highway carnivore usiku, mkaipush hadi home Kinoo 😂😂.

Another time you were late for the comedy arena show and took a Boda up to kasarani from kinoo just not to miss the show, mtu wa Nduthi kukufikisha ukanishow nideal na yeye,alikaa hapo mbaka show ikaisha.

Saa sita na mkarudi na yeye😂😂you loved what you did, at one point nakumbuka ulihire cuffs – pingu, baada ya kujifunga on stage na dem audience ukamisplace kifunguo 😂😂😂people should have seen you ukizunguka na msichana wa wenyewe carnivore mkitafuta kifunguo.’

Despite everything, Terrence added that people had so much to remember about Kasee and the sacrifices he had made.

‘We have a lot to remember about you coz you made us proud and your family too.

At some point life was tough and you confessed to almost joining crime but you didn’t you looked for other ways to make ends meet, you were a fighter bro.

Najua labda ujawacha industry mahali ungependa ikuwe, I promise before we join you, we shall work hard to place it where it needs to be.’

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