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John Isaji, the last person to see Angela Chibalonza speaks out 10 years after her tragic death in a road accident along the Naivasha-Nakuru highway.

Isaji used to plan her events, take her to events he was more like her music director.

He narrated her last moments on earth.

John Isaji Angela Chibalonza
Pastor John Isaji

According to Isaji, Angela Chibalonza had second thoughts about travelling to Egerton University to perform on the fateful night from Nairobi to perform. But since the students were expecting her and the hall was already full she did not want to let them down.

Since they had waited for her for a long time, the students started to riot. When Angela heard that, she said, she will have to travel to avoid being in the press as someone who lied to students.

A very interesting thing happened before they left, Angela could not find her house keys, they have to break her out of the house. They managed and they drove to Njoro for the concert.

Angela gave her best performance and left the stage at 4am. On Saturday, she had a flight at 7am and Isaji was insisting they leave but Angela still insisted that has to pray for the students to get saved.

“Angela said, Hauwezi jua kama hii ni siku yako ya mwisho ya mwisho. 20 students got saved that night.”

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When they got to Nakuru, Angela woke up and told Isaji to handover to another driver, because he had driven from Nairobi to pick her for the show and now he was driving back to Nairobi in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

“Angela insisted, ‘No, Papa John, peana gari usaidiwe umechoka sana.’ I said i’m okay. But she woke up again and insisted. My spirit said, she has never insisted. It was like she had forseen something.”

John was the only survivor in that car crush. Their car hit the trailer from the back at a speed of 160 KM/h. The lorry was parked. he couldn’t swerve The roof of the Nissan B15, was cut off.

The Car wreck Angela Chibalonza
The Car wreck that took Angela Chibalonza’s life

Isaji said after the impact he woke up to screams.

“It means they are gone, Angela was on my knees, she had been thrust with the force of the impact. There I was calling her ‘Mum mum’ There was blood everywhere. I was scared.”

People meet him and ask him why he handed over the car. In his defense, Isaji says,

“I don’t regret giving the car to the other driver. Many people i meet they ask why. I tried not to hand over the car, but i did so because i heard the urgency in her voice.”

Now, Angela blesses us with her songs that are timeless.

In a past interview, Angela said, “I come from Congo, but I live in Kenya. I started singing in 1992, when I meet Jesus Christ in my life, as my Lords and saviour. That is when I joined the choir at Assemblies of God. After that I become a praise and worship leader in church and the more I was singing, leading praise and worship in church the gift was growing in me.

Adding, “I started writing sings and sometimes dreaming songs and when i dream them, I write them down. It was Until 1997, when i came to kenya that i started recording. I recorded my first album in 1998 and that is when i started my journey of recording music, until now.

Her hubby, Elisha Muliri said in a past interview, “She opened so many doors for me. To date, people still call me telling me how her music has touched them, and wherever I go to minister, I am accorded so much respect just because I was her husband.”

“We should have gone to the event in Egerton University together, but I had such a strong premonition that it wouldn’t end well,” Mammy told Saturday Nation.

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Angela Chibalonza’s  last conversation with Isaji were about her ministry and her last album released. One song off the album is about meeting Jesus.

Check it out.

That said, here are 5 of her all time hits.

  1. Angela Chibalonza – Uliniumba Nikuabudu

2. Angela Chibalonza – Yo Ozali Nzambe

3. Angela Chibalonza – Ebbenezer

4. Angela Chibalonza – Yahwe Uhimidiwe

5. Angela Chibalonza – Ninatamani

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Here is a list of celebrities who have died tragically.

The brutal hand of death has robbed Kenya of celebrities who were on top of their game and taken too soon. we list down the top seven Kenyan celebrities who tragically died.

5. Kaberere – The gospel singer passed away in 2014 after the release of the hit song Mwanake where he featured alongside Benachi. Kaberere was electrocuted by a faulty car wash machine in Kikuyu where his business was located.

4. E-Sir – The Ogoba Deejay’s star died 14 years ago in a tragic road accident on March 16, 2003, on his way back to Nairobi from a concert at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru town, to help promote his debut album Tumefika.

“On this day, a dark cloud covered our skies as we lost one of Kenya’s finest and most gifted musicians to ever hold the microphone. His lyrical delivery and command of the Swahili flow was unmatched. Even long after his death, his music and legacy still lives on and on in our hearts. We miss you bro, till we meet again,” Nameless recounts sadly.

3. Drygin and Frakaz – Numerous sources are cited saying Frakaz allegedly died of alcohol and drugs abuse, whereas Drygin died after allegedly engaging in a fight. The latter was found dead in his house.

2. Derick Amunga – Veteran thespian, Derrick Amunga is better known to many as ‘Master Sugu’ in the TV drama ‘Tausi’, was found dead after missing for three days. He was found at Kenyatta National Hospital’s mortuary after a tragic hit and run incident.

  1. Grace Makosewe – The former Capital FM presenter Grace Makosewe was found dead in her Ngumo apartment in Nairobi. According to police, her death was reported by her cousin.

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