Jacque Maribe’s ex-fiance Jowie has deleted all her photos from his Instagram account.

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Jowie proposing to Jacque Maribe
During their engagement

Maribe and Jowie got engaged in mid last year (2018) and were planning to get married. However, in September 2018 they were arrested in connection with the murder of Monica Kimani.

After spending a few weeks in police custody, Maribe was released on bail, while Jowie the main suspect was remanded at the Kamiti Maximum Prison.

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Jowie and Maribe used to share photos of each other on their various Instagram accounts accompanied by sweet messages.

Well, a day after he was remanded for more than two months until February 13, 2020, Jowie deleted most of the posts on his Instagram leaving only 22.

He deleted photos he took with Maribe and his best friend Joe Muchiri.

Below are some of the posts Jowie deleted from his Instagram

Jowie Jacque Maribe

Maribe also deleted her ex’s pics from her account, including those from her engagement party.

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