Police have arrested a 19 year old suspected at  his Kanyakwar home linked to the breaking and stealing from Kibos Police post armoury in Kisumu.

The suspect is also linked to the subsequent robbery  of over Sh 230,000 from an Mpesa operator at Daraja Mbili within the county during the weekend.

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According to their twitter handle, the Director of Criminal Investigation while reacting to the robbery reported by a female victim on 29th March accosted by a gang of five men armed with G3 riffle to her house robbing her of the said amount, three mobile phones and a TV set before escaping on two motorcycles.

Judith Akumu Ambani of Kapuonja South village, was stripped of Sh200,000 in cash and forced to send Sh30,000 through M-Pesa in Kisumu West subcounty.

Kisumu based DCI detectives joiuntly with deployment from DCI headquarters narrowed down to the suspect where upon his arresr and searches in his house a G 3 riffle was found wrapped in a sack.

“The said riffle was identified as having been stolen from Kibos Police post on the night of 28thMarch when unknown person took advantage of the downpour”, read the DCI Kenya official twitter handle.

According to the twit, the thives broke into the armoury and stole three riffles, four magazine and about 150 rounds of ammunition.

“Upon interrogation, the suspect led officers to the house of another of his accomplices within the same locality where among other items were recovered”.

The recovered items include, three police jungle jackts and trousers, three jungle belts, three service colour belts, two berets, a police manual, a pair of military boots and a TV set.

“The said items were identified as having been stolen from the houise of an inspector of police on March 10th while he was undertaking a course at the National Police College main campus- Kiganjo,”read the tweet.

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The suspect has been placed in custody with detectives pursuing the rest of the gang.

There has been outcry by locals of thieves taking advantage of curfew to terrorise them in Lolwe, Migosi, Carwash and  Mamboleo estates by criminals breaking into and robbing houses at night.

Already the county commissioner Susan Waweru issues toll free number to residents to sms cases of insecurity during curfew.

Waweru stated that the toll free number is 988 and any person caught in such situation should send a message.

“Send a message to this number and tell us where you are , the officers will be dispatched to that place immediately, “She said.

On Thursday around 2 am, one person was killed by locals in Migosi area thwarting his attempt to steal from the area.

“Since the beginning of the curfew, we have not been sleeping; these thieves have been coming to this area on a daily basis, “said Winnie Oduor adding that police officers should also patrol the estates in turns.

Various locals complained that the armed criminals break their windows, doors and even roofs to access the house before stealing everything.

On Sunday night, thugs broke into a shop belonging to ODM Nyanza coordinator Kennedy Ajwang and stole everything.

They gained entry from the rooftop.

Ajwang said the thugs used a hacksaw to cut the roof and grills.

A panga-wielding gang has also allegedly been attacking people. On Sunday night, it attacked a caretaker in Lolwe Estate leaving with injuries on his head.

The Star/ Faith Matete