Maureen Muhia

NTV’s Teen Republik host Maureen Muhia has opened up about her struggles.

Maureen Muhia

The pretty lass has revealed that she has been through a lot. Maureen has narrated how life has not been an easy journey and she tried her luck in business and failed as well as careerwise.

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The young lady, who’s slowly creating a name for herself in the competitive media industry, also revealed that none of her relationships worked out. In a lengthy post that has gone viral, she wrote;

‘”Thank God we don’t look like what we have been through” I read that someplace and it really hit home with me.’

She went ahead to say;

From failed businesses, failed relationships failed career paths and failed friendships, I have been through it all. They say happiness is a journey, and whoever “they” are, are absolutely correct. I doubt I’m even halfway there. I know that this page does not reflect what I’m saying, but who broadcasts their problems? No one. I feel though that honesty is always key and I’m ready to come clean. I tried my hand at the transport business and failed miserably, my loans were overdue, I couldn’t make payments but I still had to sit and smile and behave tough, even to this day, the situation is still bad. At the same time, I felt misunderstood, especially by my closest friends who were “supposed” to be supporting me or just even understanding me, but they turned their backs on me and well, what can you do?

Maureen Muhia

“As for relationships, y’all know I go OFF on these guys and it mostly seems funny but there is a bit of hurt there, people come and go, and I know that but sometimes you plan forever with someone and it hurts to know you were planning alone.”

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Maureen Muhia concluded that she’s focusing on her career as for now.

As for my career, that’s what I want to focus on now… it’s been difficult but I’m ready to take another go at it. You may wonder why I would choose to share all this. it’s honestly for my sanity and for anyone who may think that my life is perfect, it isn’t. Everyday is a work in progress, and if you may be going through some of the things I’ve mentioned, just know you’re not alone. I’m back now, and I plan on being better than ever.