Ted Josiah

Kenyan music producer and founder of Joka Jok, Tedd Josiah, says bringing up a child alone is not easy as one can get overwhelmed.

He, however, added that he would not have it any other way as his daughter is his everything.

Let’s forget all the glamourous photos for a minute and focus on Raising Jay as a man and how insane it can get.

Turning three people don’t tell you that they move from “terrible two to “tornado three” and they move at the speed of one and leave all their toys x, all over the place like a tornado has been their!! They talk! They say “nor A lot!!!

And days like yesterday they want to be your shadow.

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Her nanny didn’t come in and am a creature of routine so work was thrown off but had to continue, haven’t been sleeping well with the darn playback button hitting repeat.’

Tedd added,

‘So by the time she took a nap at 3:30 and i shut the leather and media studio i was BEAT! all she wanted was “cover me and carry me!!”

For the first time I asked myself “should I remarry??” Then I caught myself doing what a lot of single moms and single dads have thought of.

I call it outsourcing love camp; part of your responsibilities because you’re emotionally drained…. and it’s natural to feel like you just need someone to “hold the baby” for 5 minutes so u can breathe.’

Tedd shared that when his late wife was on her death bed, she requested that he holds the baby.

Tedd interpreted this to mean that he has to be present for baby Jayjay always.

In as much as I get it I also have a past with that “hold the baby” phrase because it was the last coherent sentence JayJay’s mother said to me and symbolically it meant to me “don’t let JayJay down” Anyway we managed.

Am sure there’ll be more days like this when am beat and questioning but am the tree and the fruit needs to tap me in order to grow.

So i will “hold the baby” cause she’s my reason, my pivot, my sanity and my motivation.’

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