Tedd Josiah

As the world celebrates World breastfeeding week Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah has asked men to participate in the process.

Although it may not seem as much just helping a nursing mother get comfortable for breastfeeding is a big deal.

‘My husband left me when I was pregnant,’ – Comedian Zeddy

Tedd who is a widower lost his wife when their daughter Jay was only three months old, since then he had to learn the ropes.

‘LETS TALK BREASTFEEDING 🤱 and a mans role in this.
Yes brothers i said a mans role!!

So your wife’s given birth and basically opened up her body for another human to come into this world….

She’s BEAT and will not be all together for a while (6 months to a year)
She’s going to still want to cook for u clean for u and show you attention while FEEDING YOUR CHILD 👶🏽 FROM HER BODY.’


‘Tell you what I did, Anytime she breastfed JayJay and I was home I was the hype man, drinking chocolate maker, tea boy, warmer of leftovers…. anything that mama wanted.

Then if she was too tired and baby was still up I’d also take time with baby, burp baby and make sure mother and baby are well taken care of.’

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Tedd further added that men should take advantage and use such a time to bond with the newborn.

‘Breastfeeding can be a family bonding time and if you bond together that means that you will have a stronger unit.

I hear the brothers say they are busy in the morning going to work and that justifies their sleeping through out babies night time feeds…..

I was working from 7am daily and had to drive an hour to work daily.

So stop farting 💨 and snoring 💤 cause your child and her/ his mama need you during breastfeeding.

We lost ours at month 3 but that’s a story for another post.

I took over with the bottle and my bare chest to help JayJay’s transition to being without a mother and breast milk. LIVE 🦋 LOVE 💕 LAUGH 😆’

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