Tedd Josiah's wife's anniversary

Music producer Tedd Josiah has shared on the last moments he had with his late wife Reginah Katar before she lost her life in 2017.

Sharing a photo of his wife Tedd said that his wife wanted something different.

‘On this day mama GummyBear (R I P) decided she didn’t want the usual Sanford fries 🍟 that she used to ask me to drive her to go buy almost every evening.

This Sunday she wanted fish 🎣 and she wanted it fresh from a lake, so we had to drive to Naivasha (her choice of lake) and buy some fish and have it made there…

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The late Reginah Katar

Brothers you see when you decide to have a baby there’s gonna be cravings, mood swings and emotions your wife can’t even explain.’

Tedd then went to advise fellow men who still have their wives around.

‘At that point U CANT FLAKE!! U got to find some resolve and make it come together. If it’s Sanford fries 🍟 or fish from the damn lake!

Go do it! Cause a lot of children suffer cause their mothers were depressed during their pregnancies.

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Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah


And if you’re lucky enough to still have your wife please don’t be a d**k get up go love ur wife and child go be the best u can be, try ur darnest.

Expectant mothers…you are in our prayers keep ur head up and rub that tummy with love.’

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