We live in a digital age. No one knows that better than me. My mother doesn’t and cannot fathom how I make my living off Facebook and Twitter seeing as I am neither a coder or a programmer. But the beauty of the evolving tech ecosystem is that proper techies created an avenue for me to earn a living that doesn’t involve a soul sucking dreary job in a finance firm -not that there is anything wrong with working soul sucking jobs in finance.

And there is a record company, Candy and Candy which is seeking to give any tech savvy individual a job. How you ask? Well, allow me to let you read it straight from the horse’s hoof:

Are you Tech savvy with showbizz swagg? Do you want to make quick mulla while having fun? Candy n Candy Records is looking for young entrepreneurs who are interested in all matters technology, to set up virtual offices in all 47 counties.

All you need is a laptop and your marketing skills to get artistes at the grassroots level and have their music on the Free Candy Clear channel, where it will be marketed from 254 to the UK!

According to the label’s CEO, Joe Kariuki, his company wants to invest in young people in the country whom he says are well equipped with IT knowledge.

“ This country has enough potential to propel it to the next level if invested properly . After being classified as a middle income country, I am sure our youth can make use of their knowledge especially when it comes to
ICT not just in the cities, to make money for themselves.” he stated.

Joe further added that getting five young people in every county will not only help market Kenyan music, but also help spread the use of ICT to the county level.

For more information log on to www.candyncandyrecords.com or call
0700707564 / 0202667833