Mengi family

Jacqueline Mengi, the widow of Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi has accused his family of barring her and their children from visiting his grave.

Jacqueline and Mengi were blessed with two sons and the business mogul died last year at 75, leaving behind $560 million for his young family (wife and sons).

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The 40-year-old mother, a former Miss Tanzania model took to social media to expose Mengi’s family for denying her and the two sons from visiting the billionaire’s grave.

Nimenyamaza kwa mengi sana tu. Mmefikia hatua ya kunizuia mimi na wanangu kuingia kwenye kaburi la mume wangu, tunafukuzwa eti mpaka tuombe ruhusa ya kuingia kwenye kaburi la mume na Baba wa watoto wangu!.Nimechoka, sitakubali kuendelea kuona wanangu wakisononeka na sitakaa kimya [ I’ve ignored a lot of things and it has come to a point you’ve decided to stop me and my kids from visiting my hudband’s grave. Everytime we’re chased and told to ask for permission before visiting. I’m tired of all this! I won’t sit back and watch my kids suffer]’ she tweeted.

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In a previous post, a letter to her sons and late hubby, she wrote,

My boys❤️In this life and eternally❤️.If you’re lucky to have found love in your lifetime, show it every day and don’t take any minute for granted. As this day reminds us about the importance of love and loving may we make it our mission to show love and kindness everyday.❤️