Happy Mother's day

Today is Mother’s day. We are celebrating and honoring these special beings across the world.

Mothers are pillars of society and should be celebrated every day.

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Well, I asked Mpsholites to share their messages to their mothers on this special day and I was moved to tears.

Many poured out their hearts, sharing emotional and touching stories about their mothers and motherhood. Below are some of the moving responses, go through;

Fan A wrote,

This being the 4th year, I celebrate her. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have been able to take care of my siblings the way I have. I believe I have done the best to raise them. Yes, we have a dad, the best dad because he never left our side even a second. Thank you, momma, for everything. I still don’t understand why you had to leave this early but it was God’s will. Continue resting in peace momma. Forever in our hearts. We love you so so much😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤\

Fan B said,

My mum is the strongest woman I know, my dad left us when I was only 3months, my mother struggled with us selling sukuma wiki, i remember sometimes we used to sleep hungry or we chemsha viazi and strong tea but she never gave up, she has been battling asthma for more than 21years when she gets attack my 2 sisters and I cry our hearts out thinking that she is leaving us, she also has blood pressure, meningitis TB, but she is currently under medication.

Just last year she told me that she is feeling something growing in her stomach when she went for scan she was told she needs to do operation before its too late up to now, not yet because no money for the operation, imagine she has asthma waking up around 4 in the morning because she sells bananas in Kawangware market with that cold whether its raining or not she has to wake up. Sometimes she complains of cold have entered her chest I just look at her and assure her one day all this will end and i will make you happy. God please if not for anything but because of my mum please bless me I owe that woman a lot.

Fan C wrote,

She beat cancer in 2017 just to take care of us, last year February my dad died and she is still strong for us, na bado anatravel 56km to and from work every day to make sure my rent is paid on time.. She is my hero my superwoman.

Fan D said,

I remember my mom. She was so sick and I went to visit her at the hospital I was crying so much and she was like don’t cry baby its not the end of the world I was so weak and she was so strong even in sickness. I really miss her.

Fan E wrote,

I was about to do my KCSE back in 2016, unusually my sister turned up instead of both my parents …They had never missed occasion in school….. So I was worried but she lied to me and got away with it until the urge to call my parents was too strong….my mums phone was picked by my dad…he said ‘she’s gone a bit and I’ll pass the phone when she is back” he did but that was an hour later……I could tell from her voice that she is not okay….all this time they had decided not to tell me she was sick and was undergoing surgery… It was broken to me by my kid bro but I promised not to tell the rest…..it hurt and affected me weeks towards my exams until I had to go tell my principal to just allow me to go see her….she permitted me and actually accompanied me…I was relieved and promised her a good grade and in turn, she promised to get better soonest…. I thank God she did and I passed with a B+

Fan F wrote,

My mom is soo strong.,when we were kids she used to do all kinds of odd jobs so that we could go to school with full stomachs., there was this one time she got a kibarua at an old woman’s place.,the old woman had this thickly forested land that she wanted to plant some maize in.so my mom was offered the job to clear the land. but she was only to be paid after its done.,she courageously took a panga and cleared more than an eighth of an acre in half a day because she knew its either that or her kids sleep hungry.

Fan G wrote,

My brother and I watched her being beaten like a slave by my dad everyday…it was devastating mehn..so this one time my mum was beaten so bad..her left eye was swollen af..aliamka asubui akasema anarudi.She didn’t come back.we had to be taken in by my dad’s mpango wa kando
That woman was crazy..she favoured her kids aki..sisi tulikua tunakaa kama watoto wa mboch😭i hated my mum coz of that but little did i know she had gone to look for greener pastures.

One time tukienda shule coz tulikua tunatembea na hao watoto wa huyo mama walikua wanakujiwa na school bus..so sisi tukifika mahali shule iko tunavushwa barabara na watu wa pikipiki coz hatukua tunajua kuvuka..that time they weren’t there i don’t remember why..alafu watu husema there’s no God…my own mum alishuka toka kwa her own car after not seeing her for nearly 3 years..tulishangilia aje kwa stage..ungesema tumeshinda lottery aki..tulirudi kwa io nyumba ndo tuchukue vitu zetu but my mum had other plans..she faced my dad ..and told her he’ll look for her and true to her words,now he is
I just love my mum aki..alituacha at the worst time but alikua anajua atarudi na anarudi kutujengea maisha nzuri😭.

Fan H wrote,

My mum has taught me many lessons but the one that stands out is God’s love and faith in God and her hard work and determination.She has risen the ranks with only her K.C.S.E results and now working as a senior person at the UN. We used to live in KSouth, Pangani, South C and she now owns a home in Westlands and taking care of so many people. She is one of my role models.

Fan I said;,

My mother was the best that ever lived, raised me and my mother alone and she would dance along with us make sure we never slept hungry. And I late came to find out that my father infected her with HIV/AIDS and she never told us to retain the good father image. Now thinking back she was and will always be my hero and the greatest lover bearer, God couldn’t have given me a more perfect, unconditional mother. I miss her too much.

Fan J wrote;

There is a time our house in Kibera was locked by a landlady because of not paying 700 which was our house rent and the woman took my mum to chief, we were begging her with my small sisters, you won’t believe it, she told us that its not her who told us to be poor😭😭

Fan K wrote,

My mum died just when I was 7 years old..all I remember is her funeral. Rest in peace you will always be in my heart.

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Fan J wrote,

My mother used to sell cooked chapatis and pancakes so that she could pay my school fees and my fellow students laughed and criticized me as the daughter of a pancake seller but she never gave up today she rarely buy new clothes to look like other women in order to sustain me in the University because the daughter she sold chapatis to go to school is now at the University and even last Christmas she didn’t get a new dress she intended to for her to get my brother school uniform.

Fan M wrote,

My mum is always telling me to stick to the father of my kid even though he’s violent. She says life is hard out there. I don’t know if this is love or hate. I think one day he might kill me.

Fan N wrote said,

Mummy, I love you always no matter where you are your spirit continues to protect us and your love for us, the gap you left will never be fulfilled by anyone mama, continue resting in the glory mama

Fan O wrote;

My mum’s life took a turn soon after my dad passed on.Our relatives started to mistreat her and forced her out of our rural home by bringing farm animals in our house immediately the animals came back from feeding. This happened every day after the burial till my mum wouldn’t take it anymore,they also took away the plot my dad left her in Eastleigh. Its has been tough all the till my siblings had to fall out of school. Currently, my mum moved to upcountry since there was nowhere for us to live.

Go through the screenshots below to read more mother’s day messages.

Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans

Mpasho fans

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Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans

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Mothers day Mpasho fans Mothers day Mpasho fans Mothers day Mpasho fans Mothers day Mpasho fans Mothers day Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans Mpasho fans