Tanzanian singer Lady Jaydee, is finally free from his estranged ex-husband, Gardner G. Habash aka Captain.

This happened after she was granted a divorce by a court in Sinza, Dar es Salaam. Gardner is also a very popular radio and TV presenter in Tanzania and their marriage was one of the most blissful in Bongo at some point.

Maisha Ulaya! You Won’t Believe Why Singer Lady Jaydee Has Dumped Tanzania To Live In Germany

Lady Jaydee was married for 9 years to him and filed for a divorce in 2014 after she fell out with the man, who was also her manager back then.

According to Jaydee, the marriage was marred by infidelity, endless arguments and intoxication. This is what a source told Tanzania’s Weekly magazine;

It is true that Jide and Gardner’s marriage has officially been terminated. They have been issued with divorce decrees and they can now move on with their personal lives.

In a 2015 interview, the 35-year-old Yahaya star said that it was her personal decision to divorce Gardner, after the marriage became too much for her to take.

My marriage didn’t work out. I was not happy at all and that’s why I decided not to carry on. My husband was cheating on me and had become a drunkard, while I was working so hard and giving the relationship all that I was able to. I am just happy and thank God that I don’t have children with him.

Lady Jaydee also recently revealed that she had relocated from Tanzania to move to Germany because there were so many people who were not wishing her well in the country and the negative energy just made her sick!