In the local showbiz industry, we have several celebrities who can’t hide their emotions in public. They let tears stream down their face unrestrained.

Being emotional is okay.

People who are emotional tend to react to surprises or things differently.

Some cry, faint and others just stare without saying a word. According to a documented study, people who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

They are able to cope with life’s challenges.

In the local showbiz industry, we have several celebrities who can’t hide their emotions in public. If they need to cry, they do so.

Bursting into tears is no big deal.

Before we get into the list of criers, here is KTN Swahili news anchor, Zubeida Kananu, who could not hold in her laughter during a live broadcast. She laughed until she cried.

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Away from uncontrollable laughter, we have seen many especially TV girls melt into tears and below is a list of Kenyan celebrities who’ve cried or shed tears in public.

  1. Phil Karanja (Celina’s husband)

The former Tahidi High actor and now producer cried on his wedding day. Phil and his wife Celina (Katherine Kamau) walked down the aisle a couple of years ago.

In a recent media interview, she revealed that her husband sobbed “uncontrollably” on their big day.


Celina Kamau
Celina Kamau. photo credit: Celina Kamau

2. Anne Kiguta

A video of Anne Kiguta shedding tears of joy went viral. According to the former Citizen TV presenter, she was just about to go live for a bulletin when her director made her laugh her heart out.

She laughed until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“#Meltdown I panic as I realize I can’t stop laughing at Metumi’s ‘Chapa ilale’ statement and it’s a minute to the highlights… SMDH,”  she wrote on Instagram.

Below is the video

3. Jacque Maribe

Jacque Maribe was ambushed in the studio by her BFF, Dennis Itumbi, on her birthday. Itumbi walked into the studio during a live news recording and presented her with a cake.

Maribe could not hide her suprise and excitement of it all, she shed tears of joy.


4. Jimmy Gait

During an interview with Anita Nderu on NTV’s the Trend, the gospel artiste cried live on air due to being trolled online.

Jimmy Gait told Anita that he is still human and that what has been said about him online, hurt his feelings immensely.

He said it was difficult for him to handle the negativity on social media which made him release the song titled Love. The single aims at promoting positivity.

5. Wahu

In 2015 during Mother’s Day celebrations, Nameless wished his wife Wahu a happy Mother’s Day praising her for being the best mother to their children in a video that went viral.

Wahu could not hide her happiness and broke down. Tears ran freely down her face.

Check it out in the video below.

6. Mike Sonko

The Nairobi county boss Mike Sonko got really emotional when he was asked about his first-born daughter Saumu Mbuvi in a media interview.

Sonko broke down in tears, speaking about his love for his daughter.

He’s also cried in church during a praise and worship session.

Another time, Sonko cried after Justice Msagha Mbogholi dismissed a petition by Japheth Muroko and Zacheus Okoth challenging Sonko’s win in the August 8 elections, the governor shared a teary video of himself.

Mike Sonko

In the video that has since gone viral, an emotional Sonko is seen singing along to Eunice Njeri’s Nani Kama Wewe as he struggles not to shed tears.

Mike Sonko

7. Lillian Muli

The heavily pregnant presenter was last Friday surprised on air by Tanzanian singer Harmonize and her colleagues at Citizen TV.

Harmonize performed for her his ‘Happy Birthday’ hit song and she cried like a baby. Her colleagues also presented her with a cake. Lillian could not hide her glee.

8. Jaguar

Starehe MP Jaguar, whose real name is Charles Njagua was seen crying in public after it was announced that he had ‘lost’ the party nominations denying him a chance to run for the Starehe parliamentary seat in last general elections.

The Kigeugeu hitmaker sobbed like a baby as many watched but then justice was finally accorded to him when he was given the nomination certificate and emerged the winner the Starehe MP elections.

Starehe MP Jaguar crying

9. Yvonne Khamati

The media personality recently revealed that she cried after she got engaged.


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10. Bahati

He cannot miss on this list.

Bahati is known for crying in his music videos as well as getting emotional while performing live on stage.

The Mama hit singer indeed knows how to capture the attention of supporters.

He is often trolled for his publicity stunts.

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