Hawa wapewe date! Everyone can smell Valentine’s and of course, a number of you will be filling the posh restaurants with the love of your lives.

Well, there are those celebrities who seem to have no dates after nasty break ups with their then eye candies The only thing left for them is to rock their sexiest outfits, prepare some ugali-sukuma and eat it alone! Si watalilia kwa choo!

Just when you thought Nicki Minaj and Angelina Jolie are the only ones spending Valentine’s alone, these are the Kenyan celebrities who will probably spend the night in the cold after refusing to stick to their so called significant other.


After rumour had it that he was beaten by girlfriend Michelle Yola, Prezzo is likely to spend this Valentine’s alone. The two had a nasty break up recently after they went to social media, exchanging blows over what was said to be irreconcilable differences. Prezzo would then be seen having fun with socialite Huddah Monroe. Prezzo will surely be lonely because we doubt Huddah is going to ditch her plans with supposedly posh men to spend Valentines with the ever controversial lad. It beats logic!

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Eunice Njeri

After her post that she and hubby Izzo had broken up barely a day after their marriage, Eunice Njeri is likely to be too heartbroken to spend Valentine’s with any man. The traumatizing events of her broken marriage are still fresh. Her former sister-in-law would then say that Eunice Njeri had lied when she said that she and her ‘husband’ did not sign any official papers, something that left her fans shocked. Woiyee!

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Wueh! Timmy Tdat is a bad boy! Even when rumours spread that Vivian and rapper Timmy were an item, Timmy would later go on to unapologetically say that Vivian was not his bae. He added that he already has a bae. Let’s assume this bae in the picture is rumoured bae singer Dela who have been seen together. Poor Vivian!

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Brown Mauzo

Forget his hot self and the massive female following. Brown Mauzo is one guy who is head over heels in love with beautiful bootylicious ladies and would do everything to get a huddah Monroe look alike as he revealed in an exclusive interview. The guy could, however, be spending a cold Valentine’s after he said that he was single. This is after he cleared the air that he and Benefactor hit maker Akothee are not an item! Kwani aliachwa kwa mataa?

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brown mauzo

Kush Tracey

Her song Ndulu was a top hit that she and the then love of her life Timmy Tdat released. Timmy has since then moved on with his bae who he keeps secret and as I said, this bae would probably be singer, Dela. Let’s hope Kush Tracey won’t catch mafeelings!

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kush and timmy

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Yes, she is too beautiful not to have a date this Valentine’s but the real truth is that Avril seems not to be advertising her plans this Vals after her nasty and public break up with her South African bae. This was after she canceled her engagement. The sexy lass is still young enough to commit to one man though….

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Sean Andrew

Mafisilets, he’s available for a date… Even when you wished he would give you a call for a posh date this Valentine’s, there is that one girl who probably left him hurt after their messy breakup. Kibaki’s hottie grandson might be all alone… Or maybe he will spend Valentines studying…. Life is so unfair!

elodie and sean

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Do you expect him to have a date this Valentine’s after he publicly denied his baby mama? I’m guessing very few girls would like to get serious with him….He just might later deny his own baby… Did I mention his crush on Tanzanian singer Ray C? Ringtone please find yourself some movies to keep you company this Val’s.

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As they say Tenda Wema Nenda Zako!