Teacher Wanjiku and her husband Victor Ber have been under fire these past few days after Churchill comedian Zeddy called out Ber for favoring his wife in the show.

According to Zeddy, Ber is the one who decides who performs or doesn’t perform during churchill show performances and he does not like when other people shine more than his wife.

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Reacting to the news, Teacher Wanjiku poster a message on her Instagram indirectly targeted at Zeddy. She wrote

‘Let go of your problem and Let God handle them ! Let go of your hurt and Let God heal you ! Let go of your fear and Let God sustain you ! Let go of your worries and Let God Bless you !

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Trouble started when Sleepy David also a Churchill show comedian said that Zeddy was only ‘exposing’ Victor to attract more followers.

According to Sleepy David, Victor is a man he respects and can do no harm.

To which Zedd responded

‘Sleepy unasema hivi juu Berry hukufavour,you are only at Churchill show because your show with teacher Wanjiku at Citizen never worked it never succeeded,am sure ingesucced haungerudi churchill show,ulirudi through Berry ndio uunde jina ikishika utoke.

Hope churchill opens his eyes,Berry never wanted any girl Comedians to succeed ndio bibi yake ashine, a reason why we have few female comedians ni juu ya ber,alihakikisha most wamedie ndio bibi yake ashine as “queen of comedy”.

When Wanjiku put up her show at kicc ya girls are also funny most of the girls walikuwa threatened wakapiga in fear wasinyimwe churchill show.’

Teacher Wanjiku and Sleepy David

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Further adding

‘As we speak umefuata ber kufanya quarantine comedy as host ndio vitu zikirudi umtoke hope Churchill is seeing,you the most pretentious comedian I know.

your reason for this post nikuplease ber ndio uendele kuhost qcc and as we speak am sure mko nyinyi watatu,wewe wanjiku na ber na pengine matayo ako hapo kando anachangia.

Ukweli utajulikana,wacha kujifanya vile unapenda Churchill na forever wewe humfight mbaka unaanzisha kids festival yako hapo garden city.

Ber’s intention is and was clear to kill the show and all female comedians ndio bibi yake ang’are but sadly mpango ya mungu ni tofauti, ukweli usemwe.’

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